Whitbee's Candy Bash X: Into the Screamhouse.

Whitbee's Candy Bash X:
Into the Screamhouse



We’ve developed this guide to help you get the most Candy out of this very spooky event! In order to submit a support ticket, please visit or send one from within our mobile games.

Getting Started

Unspeakable horrors from beneath Whitbee’s castle have started pouring out! 


Your park must be at least level 11 to participate in this event, which began on September 21st, 2023. If you’re above level 11 and the event hasn’t started for you, you may be playing on an older version of DragonVale. Please update to the most recent version through your device's app store. The correct version for the event is 4.29


Earning Candy

During this event, Candy can be earned in a variety of ways. It can then be exchanged for horrific rewards at Whitbee’s Castle!


Ways to Earn Candy:

  • Collecting from habitats.

  • Breeding and hatching dragons.              

  • Purchasing Dragons with Gems.

  • Watching Visions at Tolzar's Optical Oracle.

  • Competing in the Colosseum.

  • Playing games in the Ghoulish Game Gallery.

  • Competing in challenges at the Mausoleum Colosseum.

  • Finding and tapping on the pumpkins in your park.

  • Collecting daily rewards at the Portal of Portends.

  • Completing donations at the Airship of Ghouls.


Collecting Prizes


Whitbee’s Castle can be found on the event island and contains all the prizes that can be earned in the event. Brand new decorations have been added to the Hellfire tier. Don’t forget to check them out! 


Exchanging Candy for Prizes:

  • Visit Whitbee’s Castle and tap the Prizes icon.

  • View available prizes by tapping each of the different collections.

  • A counter on each prize will show you how many of that item you currently own. Please note that dragons that have not yet been hatched will not be counted.


Activities & Games

Name That Dragon - Show off your DragonVale knowledge when you take this multiple choice challenge. Win Candy when you guess correctly!


Name That Egg - Show off your DragonVale knowledge when you take this multiple choice challenge. Win Candy when you guess correctly!


Wheel of Chance - Give the wheel a spin and be rewarded with the number of Candy or Gems the needle lands on.


Dragon Drop - A game of chance, Pachinko style! Tap to drop the coin and win Candy!


Buying More Plays

After you use your last available play at the Ghoulish Game Gallery, you will have the option to purchase an additional play for 5 Gems. Purchasing an additional play is entirely optional and you will still receive your 5 free plays every 12 hours as usual.


Golden Chests


Sometimes mini-games contain a Golden Chest that will provide special rewards. You'll always have a small chance to find a Golden Chest when playing games, but buying an additional play gives a 100% chance of a Golden Chest appearing on your next turn. Please note that this only guarantees that the chest will appear, and not that you will win the chest.


Evolving Dragons

Certain dragons can only be obtained by transforming existing dragons in your park. To summon one of these dragons, you'll need to obtain the unique decorations required for the desired dragon.

How to Evolve a Dragon

If you've collected the required decorations, and have the necessary base dragon in your park, you can evolve that dragon using the steps below. The base dragon that you need to evolve can be found in the in-game breeding hints, accessed by tapping on a breeding area, then tapping the "breeding hints" icon. 

  1. Make sure you have the necessary decorations placed in your park and not in your gifts menu.
  2. Locate the dragon you wish to evolve and tap on it.
  3. Tap the "Evolve" icon at the bottom of the dragon's info card.
  4. In the pop up menu, tap to select the type of dragon you wish to evolve to, then tap the confirm button.
  5. Tap the "Evolve" button to transform your dragon. Please note that evolving a dragon will cost 1000 Candy.

It is important to note that when you transform one of your dragons it will evolve into a new dragon, and the original dragon will no longer be available in your park. Please keep this in mind if you only have one of the dragons you wish to evolve. 


Mausoleum Colosseum

Similar to cooperative breeding, you can team up with friends’ dragons to compete in challenges and win Candy!

  • Challenges will last six hours each.
  • Choose the best dragons for the challenge by matching your dragon's elements to the elements of the current challenge.


Portal of Portends

The Portal of Portends rewards you for each day you play during Whitbee’s Candy Bash X.   

Check in each day for magical rewards and special surprises! Earn free Candy and even dragons! 

If you miss a day, don’t worry, you can spend a few gems to catch up. You cannot collect a day’s reward in advance. 

You only have to login to DragonVale each day to be eligible for the reward. If you login, but forget to visit the Portal of Portends, your reward will still be available to collect the next time you visit.



Certain returning dragons can be customized using the power of Spellforms. Dragons that can be enhanced with Spellforms are indicated by a mask icon in the lower right corner of their info card, and can be found in the "Enhanced" section of the Dragonarium.


Obtaining Spellform Pieces

The Spellform Energy Chests found in Whitbee’s Castle contain enhancements for Enhancement Dragons. Once obtained, these enhancements can be viewed and applied from the Altar of Alteration building.

You can also obtain enhancements from the Golden Chests found in Mini Games. A Golden Chest won in a mini game can contain any of the enhancements, and will start repeating once you have collected all of them.

Note: if you have all variations of the included costume pieces you will receive a duplicate.


 The Altar of Alteration


You can keep track of your Spellform collection using the Altar of Alteration. Once you collect this building from your gifts menu and place it in your park you can use it to view all the Spellforms you've acquired. This is also where you can apply Spellforms to your dragons.

Please note that a Spellform piece will not be shown as owned in the Altar of Alteration until you have collected it from your gifts menu.


Applying a Spellform

You can enhance your dragons with the Spellforms you've collected. You can apply an individual Spellform piece, an entire Spellform set, or mix and match pieces from different sets.


Here's how:

  1. Make sure you've collected a dragon that can be enhanced with Spellforms. These dragons are indicated by a mask icon in the lower right corner of their info card.
  2. Tap the Altar of Alteration.
  3. Tap the "Enhancements" icon at the bottom of the screen.
  4. Tap the "Select Dragon" button on the left side of the enhancements menu.
  5. In the pop up menu, tap to select the dragon you wish to apply a Spellform to, then tap the "Select" button. A dragon must be at least level 4 to have a Spellform applied.
  6. Tap the Spellform pieces you wish to apply to the dragon. You may select individual pieces, or apply/remove a whole set of pieces using the "Equip All" and "Remove All" icons.
  7. Spellforms can be changed at any time by returning to the Altar of Alteration, or by tapping the mask icon in the lower right corner of a dragon's info card.


Dragon Donation

The Vale has become a dangerous place and Noel dePlante will need the protection of dragons that you breed and donate. Some requests will ask for a specific dragon, and others will simply require any dragon with the requested element. 

Please note: Dragons that you donate to the Airship of Ghouls will not be returned and you can only donate newly-hatched dragons.


To fill a donation:

  1. Tap on the Airship of Ghouls or the Bizarre Merchant.
  2. Tap the "Donation" icon at the bottom of the screen.
  3. Tap a space to view the request and reward for completing that space.
  4. Breed the required dragon, then tap the "Donate" icon after hatching the new dragon.
  5. If you aren't able to breed a requested dragon, you can use Gems to fill the request instead.


You will earn Candy for each donation request you fill. Completing an entire line of requests will provide even more Candy, and filling the entire donation request will earn you the most Candy. You can complete up to 5 donation cards per day.



Glumi is a Witch coming to visit her two sisters - Lumi and Blumi! She is a brave little girl eager to trick-or-treat throughout the Vale, even in the creepiest places like Whitbee’s Castle!



Frequently Asked Questions


Why hasn’t the event begun in my park yet?

Your park must be at least level 11 to participate in this event, which began on September 21st, 2023.

If you’re above level 11 and the event hasn’t started for you, you may be playing on an older version of DragonVale. Please update to the most recent version through your device's app store. The correct version for the event is 4.29


What is the daily limit of Candy?

There is no overall daily limit on Candy in this event, but the maximum amount of Candy you can earn by collecting from habitats is 500 per day on a regular day and 1000 on a double day.


Why am I not receiving Candy when I collect from my habitats?

If you are no longer earning any Candy when you collect from habitats, that would indicate that you have reached your habitat limit for the day.  


Why didn't I win the Golden Chest when I bought an additional play at the Ghoulish Game Gallery?

Buying an additional play guarantees that a Golden Chest will appear as one of the possible prizes in that round, but does not guarantee that you will be able to win it. Please note that in Name that Dragon/Egg you must answer correctly before the timer expires in order to win the Golden Chest.


When does Whitbee’s Candy Bash X end?

Whitbee’s Candy Bash X runs through November 5th, and concludes on November 6th at 08:00 AM Mountain Time. It will not be possible to earn additional Candy after this time, but Whitbee’s Castle remains open so you can spend any leftover Candy you may have.


When does Whitbee’s Castle close?

Whitbee’s Castle will close on November 8th at 08:00 AM Mountain Time and it will not be possible to claim event prizes after this time.


What happens to my leftover Candy at the end of Whitbee’s Candy Bash X?

After Whitbee’s Castle closes, we'll turn any leftover Candy into DragonCash at the rate of 1,000 DragonCash per 1 piece of Candy.


Why don’t I have any visitors in my park?

During Whitbee’s Candy Bash X, you will find pumpkins scattered around, as well your park as the clickable NPCs this time. Find them and tap on them for extra Candy!


What Happens to my dragons after I’ve donated them?

Dragons donated to Noel will accompany him to the surface aboard the boat. Dragons that you donate will not be returned to your park.


Can I donate an existing dragon in my park?

Only newly-hatched dragons can be donated to the Donation Deck.

Until when can I donate dragons?

You can donate dragons to the Airship of Ghouls until the end of the event - which is on November 6th, 08:00 AM Mountain Time.

Who is Glumi and why can’t I find her in my park?

Glumi is the latest addition to our roster of Wizards and Witches, she has come to trick-or-treat with her sisters and to enjoy some candy. She does not roam around your park, but can be found welcoming Valers to the event.


Where are my Time Skip Tokens from the previous event?

With the Camping Under the Stars II event coming to a close, all Time Skip Tokens were converted into DragonCash at a rate of 200,000 DC per token.

Will I be able to purchase more Time Skip Tokens in this event?

For the time being the Tokens were limited to the previous event’s market.
We cannot say for certain yet if they will appear in future events again, or if they will have their price and power adjusted.


Why did the theme and time of day in my park change?

With each event there is an accompanying theme, and depending on that, the time of day in your park will also be affected. The theme can be changed manually with the Twilight Tower building at any time, but the theme will revert back to normal day and night cycles when the event ends. You can easily tell what time of day is set by the active theme by checking if any lamps or other decorations that respond to time are active.


What is the skybox theme with the current event?

For the duration of this event, the theme is the Spectral theme, which is a night theme. It will go back to day and night cycles when the event ends, but this can also be manually changed from the Twilight Tower at any time.



We appreciate you stopping by our event FAQ for more information. If you have further questions, please visit or send one from within our mobile games.

We're here to assist you! Submit a ticket and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.