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Faction FAQs Follow

Where do I find the Faction section?

You can get to the Faction Screen through the in-game Menu.


How do I form a faction?

To create your own faction, enter a Faction Name and Tag into the allotted spaces under "Create a Faction" and click "Submit". If you are already a member of a faction, you must leave it in order to create a new one.


How do I join a faction?

To join a faction, click on the "Join Faction" button at the bottom of the first faction screen. If you know the invite code of the faction you want to join, you can enter it directly at the top of the Faction List. Otherwise, you can scroll through the list of available factions and send a request to join.


What if I do not see the faction I am looking for on the Faction List?

The Faction List is only able to display a finite number of factions. Keep checking and the name you are looking for will cycle in.


Can you join multiple factions?

You can request to join multiple factions; however you can only be a member of one faction at a time.


How do I leave a faction?

To leave your current faction, click on the "Leave Faction" button at the bottom of the Faction Information screen.


How do I invite members?

Only the Leader and Officers can invite players to be members of a faction. To do so, there is an "Invite Players" button in the bottom right corner of your Faction Information screen.


What are the ranks and what can they do?

There are three ranks in a faction: Leader, Officer, and Member. The Leader can declare war, invite players and promote, demote, and remove faction members and Officers. Officers can declare war and invite players. All three ranks enjoy the boosts from the faction bonuses.


How and what can I donate to my faction, and what can my donation be used for?

Players can donate cash, concrete, and intel folders to their faction vault. The money can then be spent to buy fortifications or faction bonuses. Only the Leader can use the faction vault to purchase fortification or bonuses. Both the Leader and Officers may use the intel folders to summon a Raid Boss. If a member leaves a faction any cash, concrete, or intel folders they have donated remains in the faction vault of their previous faction.


Who benefits from Faction Bonuses?

Faction bonuses apply to all members of the faction.


Where do I get concrete?

Concrete drops from PVP matches. It cannot be stolen or bought. It also can be received as rewards from goals.


What are Fortifications, and what do they do?

Fortifications are one of your faction's defenses, built with donated concrete. Each faction will start with one Fortification per war and it cannot be replaced during a war. Until the Fortification is defeated during a war, attacking players will only receive half the points possible for defeating members of your faction. Your top Fortification will be used up by each "war" your faction engages in, regardless of whether it was completely destroyed or not.


How does the World Domination map/section work in relation to the factions?

The faction that wins World Domination will have their faction name added to the map for that area of the world.