How do I Participate in Combat?.


Before stepping foot into an area, setting up the right team, hiring friends, and bringing the correct armor is important. Check to see what minions and monster elements will be encountered in the area and plan accordingly.

During battle you have the options to:


    • Flee

If you flee, all monsters will be fully healed, including the ones you have defeated.


    • Special Attack

A special attack can be used when the special meter is filled. The meter fills as knights inflict and receive damage. When the gauge is filled, clicking on the icon will unleash a Special Attack.


Defeating a monster with a Special Attack will cause it to drop materials used for crafting. Some materials can only be obtained by defeating certain monsters with a Special Attack.


    • Revive

When your party is defeated in battle, you'll have the option to restore your knights's health and continue the fight, or leave the current area and wait for your health to regenerate.


Health regenerates at a rate of 1 every 20 seconds. Potions can be used to refill health faster.

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