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What are Guilds? Follow


Form or join a guild of knights that share common goals. Being in a guild will allow you and your fellow knights exclusive access to events, rewards, challenges, armor bonuses, guild chat, and more!


Guild Gifts:


Guild gifts give members a chance to help each other even more! Keep an eye out in the Shop for new gift events and offers, where specially-marked package have the chance to gift your guild members with free rewards!


Stay active and support your guild often, because gifts can only be claimed for a certain amount of time. Check the Shop and News Bulletin for new and exciting gift offers!


How to create a guild:


Creating a guild will become accessible when the cost and level requirement are achieved.

  • Choose a unique guild name
  • Select a starting element bonus that provides your guild members an initial bonus when they equip armor with that element. Additional element bonuses can be added and upgraded later.
  • Create a guild emblem that will represent your guild.


How to join a guild:


Being in a guild can gives you a variety of in-game benefits. However, finding the right guild that fits your personality and play style will take a little research.


There are several ways to join a guild:

  • Tap "Guild" on the main screen, then choose "Join Guild" to check available guilds.
  • Choose to search for a guild by name or element.
  • You might get an invitation from a guild, which you can accept to join.
  • Additionally, you can view the profile of another player and request to join the guild they are in.

You'll also notice that there might be level requirements set by each guild, and 3 invitation types for joining a guild as follows:


    • Anyone Can Join

All guild members are allowed to invite other knights to join the guild. Anyone can request to join, but only a member in a leadership role can accept the request.


    • Invite Only

No one can request to join and ONLY guild members in leadership roles are allowed to invite other knights to join the guild.


    • Closed

No one can request to join AND guild members are not allowed to invite other knights to join the guild. This is NOT recommended when your guild is very low on members.


Guild Level:

Now that you're in a guild, you'll notice that guild challenges track individual player activities such as completing quests, collecting gold, defeating monsters, etc. Each time one of these challenges is completed, the guild will earn Guild XP, and level up the guild when the XP gauge is filled. All challenge and level progress can be viewed from the My Guild - Main screen.


Gaining guild levels will increase your guild capacity to allow for more members and promotions within your guild.


Guild Bank:

Add to your Guild Bank by contributing gold!


Guild members in leadership roles can use the Guild Bank to purchase element bonuses and Guardians for the entire guild. Contribute to your guild to prepare for the next Guild War!


Guild Element Bonuses:

Gain additional element bonuses for all guild members through Guild Bank purchases. Element bonuses provide guild members an ATK/DEF bonus when armor of that element is equipped, and that bonus works everywhere in the game.


Increase your guild's starting element bonus, or purchase new element bonuses to power up the armor of all of your knights!



Contribution Bonus:

Earn rewards for being generous! Receive exclusive Fusion Boost Armor for contributing to your Guild Bank. The more you contribute, the more armor sets you'll earn!



Guild Leadership Effect:

All guild members in leadership roles will now receive an ATK and DEF boost called a "Guild Leadership Effect"! This boost is added everywhere in the game (fighting normal monsters, Epic Bosses, other knights in PVP, etc).