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Raid Bosses

The time has come for your guild to work together; not against other players, but against the strongest bosses ever seen! Participation is open to all active knights in a guild when the Raid Boss event begins.


While the event is active, many guild actions are frozen. This includes guild recruitment and enlistment, as well as promotion, demotion, and removal of existing guild members, etc.



Scouting Raid Bosses:

Raid Bosses can only appear through leadership action within your guild. A leadership member must use gold from the Guild Bank to finance a scouting party to find a Raid Boss for your guild to fight.


A guild can have up to 5 Raid Bosses scouted at one time, and if they have 5 bosses available to fight, they must defeat (or let escape) bosses that are present before they can scout new ones.



Fighting Raid Bosses:

A guild earns Raid Points based on their performance. Raid Points are earned for each point of damage a Knight does to a Raid Boss. Don't be afraid to fight high level Raid Bosses, because although they are much harder to defeat, losing has no penalty to points earned. Fight hard and fight often, because successfully defeating a Raid Boss before it escapes awards a victory bonus to your guild's total Raid Points, and higher level Raid Bosses have a much larger victory reward!


All earned Raid Points are applied directly to your guild's ranking. Collect the most Raid Points by the end of the Raid Boss event to earn massive rewards for your entire guild!


Raid Bosses are fought similarly to Arena and Adventure battles, but use Raid Energy to initiate the fight. The armor setup you use for fighting Raid Bosses is different from the setup used in fighting against Epic Bosses or other features, so you are free to tailor your armor to the boss without affecting your armor setup for the other features in the game.


It costs 1 Raid Energy to start fighting against a raid boss. Raid Energy replenishes at a rate of 1 per 25 minutes and can also be refilled by tapping the Raid Energy bar at the top left of the Raid Boss menu.


Raid Boss Rewards:

The available rewards for a Raid Boss can be viewed from the "Rewards" tab of the Raid Boss menu. Only guild members who fought in the Raid Boss event can earn most of the rewards shown for the various leaderboards, but every member of the guild that participated can get the guild placement rewards during the redemption period.


There are multiple ways to earn rewards, both through your own fighting against the boss and from points earned by your fellow guild members:

    • Top Guilds

Uses your guild's total Raid Points versus all other guilds competing in the event. A new Epic Armor+ is one of the rewards for all members in the top guild at the end of the event!

    • Top Players:

Uses your individual Raid Points versus all players from all guilds competing in the event. A unique achievement title is one of the rewards for the top player at the end of the event!

    • Milestones:

Uses your individual Raid Points to let you earn bonus armor, chance chest keys, Gems, and more. Dozens of armor sets, including Fusion Boost Armor, are available for players of all strengths to earn throughout the event!

    • Guild Members:

Uses your individual Raid Points versus fellow guild members to give better rewards to members who earn the most points for the guild. Fusion Boost Armor is possible, but your guild must work together to unlock better rewards for everyone at the end of the event!

Milestone rewards are earned immediately when you have enough points, much like milestone rewards in PVP. For other rewards, each guild member must log in to the game during the Raid Boss event's redemption period in order to claim their rewards. Make sure to work as a team, because competition will be fierce to get the highest and most powerful rewards for each Raid Boss event!


Raid Boss Leaderboards:

Each Raid Boss event has its own leaderboards which track your guild's Raid Points and your own Raid Points to determine the rewards you and your guild will earn at the end of the event. Check back often by tapping the "Leaderboards" tab of the Raid Boss menu.