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    • Armorsmith

Forge new armor from various materials found from minions, monsters, and in the Chance Chests.


    • The Fusion Master - Combine Armor

Combine Armor selects two armor sets to combine with each other to create a new armor at the cost of a Fusion Stone. The results of combining armor may vary and are strictly by chance on producing something of higher, equal, or lower quality. Keep in mind that only unique elements can be combined with one another.


    • The Fusion Master - Enhance Armor

Improves the strength of your armor by increasing its level. To level your armor, select a base armor and select up to 4 armor to be enhanced into the base armor. The armor used as enhancements will be forged into the base armor and will no longer be available to use.


Level up your armor to unlock the extra powerful "+" version (available in the Armormith's) and new armor appearance!