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What is the Tournament Arena? Follow

Tournament Arena

The Arena is a place where players can display their strength in PVP.


The team that you form in the Tournament Arena is also used during Guild Wars, and differs from the teams used for fighting monsters. Your knights will start each Arena battle with full health.



Arena Combat:


Unlike battling monsters, Arena battles allow for 2 types of attacks:

    • Attack

Costs a normal amount of Arena Energy (1) with no bonuses to ATK and DEF.


    • Power Attack

Costs multiple Arena Energy (3) with an added ATK and DEF bonus.



Revenge Battles:


When other knights defeat you in the Arena, you can seek revenge for a huge Tournament Point boost!


Tread lightly though, Revenge Battles are always against very strong opponents! Power Attacks are recommended.



Win Streaks:


Winning consecutive Arena battles helps you build your Win Streak, which offers special rewards and Tournament Point bonuses! Make sure you play often, because your Win Streak expires if its timer expires. Winning battles adds time to your timer, so play often and don't forget to use Power Attacks!


Win Streaks can be completed multiple times per Arena Tournament, but do not carry over between events.



Milestone Rewards:


Winning Arena battles helps you earn Tournament Points, which offer extra rewards at certain milestones! Revenge battles and Win Streaks offer additional point bonuses, so you'll have to be aggressive and fight often to earn the top Milestone Rewards!


Tournament Points and Milestone Rewards do not carry over between events, so make sure to push for that next reward milestone before the end of each event.



Event Rewards:


Arena Tournaments offer major rewards at the end of each event! Competition will be tough, but there are valuable prizes for every type of player.


Check in once the event ends, and your rewards will be given to you automatically.