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Knights & Dragons Account Transfer information (if you didn't bind your account) Follow

Please follow these steps and precautions if you did not bind your account and need to retrieve it!


1. Keep the following information in a safe place: Friend code, purchase receipts, names of your other knights and any other information that isn't readily publicly available to identify your account.

2. Submit a ticket to Customer support in-game

3. Be prepared to answer a detailed list of questions designed to identify YOU as the account owner!

4. Once your information is verified, your game will be transferred. You will need to delete and re-install the game on your device to download your save game. 

5. Go to the FAQ section and BIND your account!

6. Do not share any personal information via LINE or in-game! Do not share,sell or trade your account as this is against the Terms of Service!

7. We do NOT accept screenshots as evidence of ownership as these can be readily taken and sent to anyone. We are aware many players take screenshots and send them to friends or potential guildmates.