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Rings and Amulets Follow

Q: What are Rings & Amulets?:

A: Rings & Amulets are equippable accessories that improve your knights Attack, Defense, and Health.

Q: How do I acquire a Ring or Amulet?:

A: Rings and Amulets are obtainable in the Chance Chests, and they occasionally drop from killing monsters.

Q: How do I equip a Ring or Amulet?:

A: In order to equip a Ring or Amulet, a player must select Menu -> My Knights -> 'Rings' or 'Amulets'
For example, once a player selects 'Rings' they can then select which Ring from within their inventory they would like to equip to a Knight.
Rings and Amulets can also be equipped via the "Choose your Party" screen for PVP, Raid Boss, Epic Boss, Adventure, and Summoning Stone combat.

Q: Who can equip Rings and Amulets?:

A: All knights can equip Rings and Amulets. The Ring or Amulet a Knight can equip is dependant on what type of armor they are currently wearing.
For example, if a knight has a Fire/Water armor equipped, they can only equip Fire or Water Rings and Amulets.
If your main knight is wearing an All-Element armor, they can equip any Ring or Amulet.

Q: Can I enhance Rings and Amulets like Armor?:

A: Yes. Rings and Amulets can be enhanced just like Armor.

Q: Can I fuse Rings and Amulets like Armor?:

A: Yes. Rings and Amulets can be fused but only if they are of the same rarity. Unlike armor though, Rings and Amulets don't have to be of differing elements to combine.
Fused Rings and Amulets always start at Level 1.

Q: Can Rings and Amulets be smelted?:

A: No. Rings and Amulets currently cannot be smelted.