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Heroic Mode

The Dark Prince has sworn revenge and sent out elite monsters, fused with the power of Starcrystal Fragments, to destroy you.

Every Month, an Event called HEROIC MODE starts that lasts for a set amount of time.  During that time, players are able to fight against the Dark Prince's elite monsters in each area on Heroic difficulty.

- Defeated Heroic bosses have a chance of dropping Fragments.
- 8 Fragments are needed in each area to form a Starcrystal.
- 8 Starcrystals are needed to create that event's Epic Armor.

Participation Requirements:

The user must have defeated the Dark Prince on the Epic Stage of the Kingdom of Darkness, and a Heroic Event must be active.

How to Participate:

In order to participate, users must visit areas within the Kingdom on the new Heroic difficulty setting.  Within this difficulty setting, users will fight against Heroic bosses, which will have a chance to drop a Fragment when defeated.

What are Fragments:

Fragments are pieces of Starcyrstals. In each area, 8 Fragments will form a single Starcrystal.  Each area has unique Fragments that only count toward that area, and can't be transferred over to other areas. You do not need to use a Special Attack against a Heroic boss to obtain a Fragment.

What are Starcrystals:

Starcrystals are crafting materials used to craft Epic Armor.  8 Starcrystals are needed to craft the Epic Armor of the current running event.

Crafting a Heroic Event's Armor:

8 Starcrystals, one from a separate area, grant the ability to craft the regular version of the current event Epic Armor.  If the regular Epic Armor is upgraded to level 35, the improved version becomes unlocked, requiring 8 more Starcrystals to craft.  You may collect all 16 Starcrystals prior to unlocking the improved version, however, you will be unable to craft this improved armor until the regular armor has reached level 35.

End of Event:

When the event ends, leftover Fragments and Starcrystals will be converted into Fusion Boost Armors and gold. Fragments and Starcrystals CANNOT be transferred over to the next event.  The Epic Armor can only be crafted while the event is running and only during that event period, but currently crafting Heroic Mode Epic Armor will continue crafting when the event has ended.