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How do I connect my Facebook account?

Players may connect to their Facebook account by either:

A) Using the connect to Facebook pop-up that appears on launch


B) Selecting Menu -> Options -> 'FAQ' -> Connect to Facebook.

Successfully connecting a Knights and Dragons account with a Facebook account will reward a user with free gems!

How do I invite Facebook friends to Knights and Dragons?

In order to invite a friend from Facebook to play Knights and Dragons, all a user has to do is select the Invite Friends button from the 'Add' tab of the Friends screen, then select which friends the user wants to invite and confirm by pressing the Invite Selected button.

Each friend who accepts the invitation and plays the game past the tutorial will award you with a referral progress point.  That friend will also instantly become your in-game friend. You can then summon your in-game friend to help you in battle! Each friend that a user invites to the game is also worth a varying amount of gold depending on the user's level.

By default, fifty friends will automatically be selected for you. If you wish to alter the selection, select the giant green check mark in the upper right corner of the Invite Friends pop-up. All of the previously selected friends will become unselected and the user may choose different friends by tapping the blank check boxes beside their friends' name.

How do I disconnect from Facebook?

A user can disconnect their Knights and Dragons account from their Facebook account by selecting -> Menu -> Options -> 'FAQ' -> Disconnect.
Disconnecting your Facebook account will not remove your already added friends or your referral progress gained from those friends.