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How to Recycle Unwanted Units Follow

Recycle unwanted unit items from your inventory for money and/or valor.

To begin, tap on an unwanted unit to launch the recycling popup. 

In the popup, pressing the [ONE] button incrementally adds a unit to recycle or pressing the [ALL] button adds all units to recycle.


The “Recycle Value” area displays the total value received from all selected units. Tapping [CONFIRM] when done returns you to the main recycle screen with the unit selected to recycle.

Tap the [Recycle X Units] button and then the [OKAY] button to recycle all selected units.


Any unit that has been purchased with gold can't be recycled. This includes LE items, Crates, Temporary Boosts, and Mission Plan tokens.

Additionally, if you recycle items required for goal completion, you will not receive credit for collection of those items. You must retain all goal required collection items until after you have completed the goal and received credit.