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How do I message another person?

While you are in a player's base, select their profile. Tap on "Comments" -> type a message in the white box -> tap "Post" when finished.


How can I connect more with the game and its community?

Check us out on our ForumsFacebook, and on YouTube to stay up to date on all things Modern War!


How do I find more allies?

Our forums have many players who post their alliance codes, visit the following site to find/post yours: Faction Recruitment


What is the referral program?

You give your referral code (same as your 9-digit mafia code) to players who you invite to play the game. Once a player has reached level 3, a prompt will ask them to enter the mafia code of the player who referred them. They must enter your code at this time or neither player will receive credit for the referral. After a player has progressed past the referral pop-up, they can no longer access it and no prize will be credited if a mafia code was not entered at that time.

You can refer more players by clicking on Menu> More> Add Allies> Share Your Alliance ID


How do referrals work?

The referral program works on friends that you've recruited who have previously never installed or played the game on their device. If they had already previously installed the game but never played it, the referral goal will show up as expired for them.


What should I do when being verbally harassed by another player?

Please report this player to us. Send us your invite code, the name and invite code of the offending character, and a screenshot.


How do I stop players from leaving comments on my wall?

If you delete two comments from the same person in a row, a prompt will pop up, giving you the option to block that player.


What does blocking a player do?

Blocking a player will prevent them from posting on your wall.