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Frontline FAQs Follow

How does Frontline work?

Frontline pits your faction against two rival factions in an intense war to control the map. Each faction member deploys units of varying power to control map nodes; the faction with the most points at the end of the war wins.

Only the Faction Leader and Officers are able to declare war. After declaring war your faction is matched against two other factions of "similar" strength in order to compete for control nodes and points. The color of your faction during a war will be red, green or blue and is subject to change for each war.

Most wars are three day events with 30 minute wars. If war is not declared and your faction matched prior to the cease fire in the last 30 minutes of the event, the war will not happen.

Each Frontline event features four “Frontline-specific" units that can be deployed. These units can be purchased for cash and gold in the Store under the Special tab, and on the Frontline map screen during a war.

The purchased units do not have attack or defense stats, as they are only used for Frontline. Units have what's called "Power" that is used during Frontline.

While units purchased with in-game cash will change from event to event, units purchased with gold will not change. We do not offer refunds for Frontline units, as they can be used in future events.


How do points work?

There are two kinds of points used in Frontline: Deploy points and Control points.

Deploy points are gained by deploying units to a node. Control points are gained by capturing a node. When you deploy to a node, it is possible to gain extra points from a bonus modifier up to x5 points. The deploys of rivals at the same node will increase the modifier, but ultimately, the faction that has the most deploys to a node wins the node and gains all of the control points. The other factions will receive their deploy points, but not the bonus points from that node.

At the end of the war, each faction's deploy points and control points are added to determine the faction's total points. The faction with the most points is declared the winner and earns end-of-war unit rewards.


How do deploys work?

You are given 100 free deploys at the beginning of the event. You may have a maximum of up to 250 deploys at a time. You can accrue deploys throughout the entire event and can purchase additional deploys at any time, up to the maximum of 250. IE: If you already have 227 deploys and purchase 25 more deploys, you will only receive 23 more deploys.


How quickly will my deployed units reach their destination?

Once you have deployed units to a node, the units will reach the node within 30 seconds. The 30 second delay is intentional.


Is it possible to stock up on Frontline units before the event start?

In the week preceding the event, Frontline units are made available in the Store under the Special tab. These will be labeled as Frontline units, and will show a Power rating instead of an attack and defense stat. You will be able to purchase four different types of unit, with varying strength. These units are available individually or in multiples.


Are factions locked during the event?

You cannot change factions during the Frontline event. You can join a faction if you are not in one at the start of the event. You can leave a faction if you are already part of one, but if you leave your faction during the event, you will not be able to join another. You cannot be removed from a faction by the leader during this event.


How does the rewarding work?

Frontline end-of-war prizes are given to factions placing first or second in each war. These rewards are determined by how many points you earned during that war. You will not receive better rewards for defeating higher ranked or stronger factions and individuals.

Factions will gain the prize for the tier in which they rank on the Faction leaderboard at the close of the event, along with all the prizes from the tiers below that.

Individuals receive only the prize for the tier in which they place on the Individual leaderboard at the close of the event.


Do I have to participate in this event?

No, this event is entirely opt-in, similar to Raid Boss and World Domination. However, in order to receive event rewards, it is necessary to actively participate.


How does the match-making work between factions?

Matchmaking between factions in Frontline is similar to the matchmaking in World Domination. The system looks at the overall strength of your faction; the sum of your faction's power will be compared to the sum of the other factions' power when looking for potential match-ups. As time goes on without a match, the parameters will relax slightly. It can take up to one hour to receive a match.


Why did my faction not receive a battle in the last hour of the event?

Frontline events have a cease fire limit at the end of them. There is a 30 minute cease fire. If you do not receive a match-up prior to the cease fire, you will not receive another battle.