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Event FAQs

What are the different types of events?

We currently have 7 different event types. There are Lockbox events, Leaderboard lockbox events, Epic Bosses, Raid Bosses, Limited time Quests, World Domination, and Frontline.

Do I have to participate in events?

Not at all! All special events are purely optional. However, in order to receive event rewards, it is necessary to actively participate.

What level do I have to be to participate in special events?

You must be at least level 10 to participate in most types of events. Limited time quest chains have their own level requirements, which vary depending upon the map areas being used.

What is the Globe or Mission Plan used for?

The Globe is the Schedule of events which contains Mission Plans, the Domination Map, and World Domination rewards. Here you will see the event schedule, event status, and special event-specific temporary boosts for both individual and faction events. The temporary boosts listed will only be useful for the duration of the specified event. These boosts are unrelated to the permanent boosts added to unit rewards.

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