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Account FAQs


How can I change the name of my hood or character name?

For a small gold charge, names can be changed in-game by visiting your Profile page. Click on the "Edit Name" button under your current name and invite code. Type in your new name. Please keep in mind that names can only be 20 characters in length, including spacing, and must be consistent with our Terms of Service. Failure to abide by these terms will result in your name being changed, with no refund of the gold paid.


What are the classes and how do they work?

There are 4 classes in Crime City: Tycoon, Agent, Enforcer, and Goodfella.  Tycoon gives 10% more income from all money buildings. Agent gives 10% faster energy regen (3 energy every 53 seconds).  Enforcer gives 10% faster stamina regen (1 stamina every 2 mins, 42 secs).

 Goodfella costs 150 gold to upgrade to and gives the player all three of these boosts.  Whichever class the player was previously, they keep that class boost while gaining the other two.


How do I switch my class?

You may only change your class to Goodfella, which can be found through Menu -> Profile -> Upgrade. The Goodfella class provides all three of the other class boosts. Whichever class you were previously, you will retain that boost while gaining the other two boosts.


How do I get more energy to complete a job?

To increase your energy levels, invest skill points into this category.  You will receive 1 energy for every point invested.  Skill points can be earned by leveling up or by reaching level 5 mastery of a map area.

You can also purchase an energy refill of up to 1000 energy for 20 gold. 


Why hasn't my energy or stamina completely refilled yet?

There is a cap on how much your energy or stamina may refill. For energy, it is 1000. For stamina, it is 50.


Can I reallocate my skill points?

We currently are unable to provide a reallocation of skill points, so please make sure you are completely sure about which stats you spend your points on!


I no longer see the yellow arrows indicating which jobs I should do. How do I turn them on?

Tap on the small blue icon at the bottom the screen in that particular area (i) and select the "Show Jobs" option. You should now see the yellow indicator arrows.


Why is my profile not displaying all of my attack and defense stats?

Your profile only displays the stats from the items you are taking into battle, not the stats from ALL of your items.  Remember, you can only take up to 500 mafia members to battle, and they in turn bring 5 items each. That means you are bringing 2500 items max to any encounter. The stats showing from your profile are coming from those 2500 items only.


How many times can I expand?

Players can currently expand their hood 30 times, 15 times in each direction.  


Why isn't my hood expanding?

When you choose to expand, you can either expand west (bottom-left) or south (bottom-right). It will expand as an extension of the street instead of a block, so if it seems like it isn't expanding properly, don't worry - everything is working as intended! The easiest way to see the expansion is to look at the road dividers themselves. An expansion will add 2 dashes to the road dividers, or a dash and an intersection.

How do I delete or reset my account?

We do not currently offer this service, but we may add this feature at a later date.


How do I get more gold?

Other than the 10 gold all players start with, all gold must be purchased through our in-app store or through offers by Tapjoy or AdColony.


I am missing data! (Newly constructed buildings, current events, newly won items) Where did it go?

Sometimes devices revert back to an earlier set of data instead of using the most current information provided by our servers. To check if this is true, go in-game to Menu> More> About. There you will see a data version beginning in cc_20##, such as “cc_20140710_5”. The current data version will be no more then a week off of the date you see included in the data version title.

If you see yourself on an older version, this is easily fixed. For iOS players, just restart your device. Android players have two ways of solving this. When you check on your data version, if you see the text "Updating" in the About field, please allow the game to continue downloading the new data set. When this is complete, you should see a pop-up which asks if you would like to "quit and restart to use the new data." Select yes, and when your game restarts you should have the new data.

If you do not see the text "Updating" in the About field, to update your data set please allow your game to run for 10-15 minutes, exit, and then restart. You may be required to perform this action more than once to receive the new data.


Do you support Jailbroken devices?

GREE games are developed to function along with your device's system specifications. Alterations to a device through hacking and/or jailbreaking can lead to unforeseen issues. In such a case, we cannot support the game on the device.

You can read more about the possible negative effects of jailbreaking on Apple's support page: http://support.apple.com/kb/ht3743