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Items and Buildings


How do I equip items?

The game will automatically equip the best items for whatever action you're taking. For example, when you attack something, you'll use items that give you maximum attack. If you defend against an attack, you'll use your best defense items.


Why did the item I purchased not raise my stats by the full amount?

Your stats are based on the best weapons, armor, and vehicles each mafia member brings to a fight. Each mafia member (up to the cap of 500) brings 1 gun, 1 melee weapon, 1 explosive, 1 armor, and 1 vehicle to PVP or PVE encounters.  Your mafia members will always bring the best items available to them.

 The thing to remember is, item attack / defense does not stack cumulatively.  What that means is that if each of your mafia members has a weapon with 100 attack, purchasing a weapon with 99 attack or lower will have no impact on your item attack. If you were to instead purchase a weapon with 101 attack, you would see a gain of 1 attack as a weaker item was replaced.


What is respect?

Respect is used as a form of currency to purchase certain units and equipment.


What is a defense building?

Defense buildings increase your defense, which corresponds to your ability to fend off an attack made on you.


What's the maximum level my buildings can reach?

Buildings currently have a maximum level of 10.


What is the maximum number of buildings of a certain type I can own?

You can have two of each money building and fifty of each defense building. After you reach the max for a particular building, it is removed as an option from the store.


I received some duplicate items with boosts. How come I only receive the boost for one of the items?

Items with boosts do not stack with themselves. There are still older items with stacking boosts currently, but all recent and future event rewards earned will only provide their boost once.