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Why did I not win any money after attacking a player?

When you look at another player's profile, the money they have is their total amount. This includes money protected by the bank and money that is unprotected by the bank. Only unprotected money can be robbed from another player.


What is the maximum number of mafias I can use in PvP? How does fighting other players work?

For every level of your character, you can bring 5 mafia to battle (up to the cap of 500).  Each Mafia member can equip one Gun, Melee, Explosive, Armor, and Vehicle. The total attack and defense of your best items determines your stats going into battle. For any items beyond the maximum amount, only the best ones will be chosen.


Why is this player able to attack me and win?

Skill points invested in attack and defense provide a behind-the-scenes bonus to your combat resolution. These benefits cannot be seen by either attacker or defender in an effort to add a bit of chance and mystery to player versus player (PvP) combat.


Why can I attack my mafia members?

In previous versions of the game, players were unable to attack their mafia members, or see them on the Rivals List.  This changed with the addition of syndicates to the game.  Now members of your mob will show up as rivals and can be attack, but your fellow syndicate members cannot be.  They remain safe from attack or robbery