Basic Account FAQs.

Account FAQs


How can I change the name of my kingdom or character name?

For a small gem charge, names can be changed in-game by visiting your Profile page. Click on the "Edit Name" button under your current name and invite code. Type in your new name. Please keep in mind that names can only be 20 characters in length, including spacing, and must be consistent with our Terms of Service. Failure to abide by these terms will result in your name being changed, with no refund of the gems paid.


How do I switch my class?

You currently can't switch your class, but this may be changed in the future!


How do I get more energy to complete jobs?

Every time you level, you gain 10 more energy and your energy refills. You can also purchase an energy refill of up to 1000 energy for 20 gems. 


Can I reallocate my skill points?

Yes you can! Skill points can now be reset with the purchase of a Skill Sheet for 100 gems. This item is available in the Store under the Special items section.


How are my stats calculated?

For every ally you have (up to 500), you can bring 3 army units to battle. Also, each ally will be equipped with one weapon, one armor, one head piece, one foot piece and two artifacts. The total attack and defense of your best units, the attack and defense of all your ally's equipment and your hero equipment determines your stats going into battle.


Why is my profile not displaying all of my attack and defense stats?

Your profile only displays the stats from the units you are taking into battle, not the stats from ALL of your units.  Remember, you can only take up to 500 allies to battle, and they in turn bring 3 units max. That means you are bringing 1500 units max to any encounter. The stats showing from your profile are coming from those 1500 units only.


Why hasn't my energy or stamina completely refilled yet?

There is a cap on how much your energy or stamina may refill. For energy, it is 1000. For stamina, it is 50.


I don't see any arrows indicating which missions I should do. How do I find out?

If there is a mob you need to attack in order to complete a goal, that mob will be indicated with a green arrow. To complete mastery of an area, you simply need to defeat a set number of mobs. This number is given at the bottom of the screen when in that area, next to the area name and level.


How do I remove gold from my vault?

Gold is automatically removed from your vault when purchasing something. If your gold is protected in your vault it cannot be stolen by other players, however any amount over the maximum amount protect is vulnerable. 


What is honor?

Honor is used as a form of currency to purchase certain units and equipment.


How do I delete or reset my account?

We do not currently offer that service, but we may add this feature at a later date.


How do I get free gems?

Other than the 10 gems all players start with, all gold must be purchased through our in-app store or through offers by third party companies such as Tapjoy, AdColony, or SponsorPay.


I am missing data! (Newly constructed buildings, current events, newly won items) Where did it go?

Sometimes devices revert back to an earlier set of data instead of using the most current information provided by our servers. To check if this is true, go in-game to Menu> More> About. There you will see a data version beginning in ka_20##, such as “ka_20140710_5”. The current data version will be no more then a week off of the date you see included in the data version title.

If you see yourself on an older version, this is easily fixed. Simply turn your device off and on again. When you next log into the game, the most current data will be downloaded from our servers.


I signed up for something and didn't receive anything for it!

All of our offers are provided by a company called Tapjoy and they have a support system in place for cases like this. Their staff is more than happy to investigate any issues pertaining to these advertisements. The easiest way for you to get a hold of Tapjoy is through the support links which they provide in each of their platforms. If you are using the in-app version of the Marketplace, you can reach them through the "Missing Points?" link at the bottom of their list of offers. If you are going through, please go to the "Contact Us" link at the top-right corner of the page. From there, you can fill out the support/info form to submit your issue. No matter the route, your issue will get to their support team who will respond to you as quickly as they are able.


Do you support Jailbroken devices?

GREE games are developed to function along with your device's system specifications. Alterations to a device through hacking and/or jailbreaking can lead to unforeseen issues. In such a case, we cannot support the game on the device.

You can read more about the possible negative effects of jailbreaking on Apple's support page:

We're here to assist you! Submit a ticket and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.