Equipment, Units & Buildings FAQs.

Equipment, Units and Buildings


What is the difference between equipment and army units?

Equipment are items that you equip to your character and your allies to boost your personal stats.  Army units are what you bring with you to a fight.  Unit stats and ally equipment stats are added to your own equipment stats to form your overall strength.


What are the different pieces of equipment?

There are 5 equipment items in Kingdom Age: head pieces, foot pieces, armor, weapons, and artifacts.  Your character can equip 1 head piece, 1 foot piece, 1 armor, 1 weapon, and 2 artifacts.


How do I equip or change my equipment items?

Go to the Hero tab of your Profile and tap on the slot for the item type you wish to equip.  This will take you to the selection screen, which will show you all available equipment that fits that type.   Select the item of your choice and select “Equip”.  If you already have an item equipped for that slot, a comparison screen will show you the currently equipped item and its stats vs. your selection.


How do I add equipment to my army units?

The game will automatically equip each army unit brought to battle with the 5 equipment items: 1 head piece, 1 foot piece, 1 armor, 1 weapon, and 1 artifact.  Equipment is selected based on its stats.


Do I have to equip all my items manually?

You can choose for the game to equip your best items automatically.  Your “best items” are the ones with the highest combined attack/defense stats.


Some of my items have bonuses. How does that work?

Bonuses will only be available when the associated item is equipped on your hero.  


Where can I get more units?

Units can be purchased in the Units section of the in-game Store.  They are also often goal and event prizes.


Why did the unit I purchased not raise my stats by the full amount?

For every ally you have (up to 500 max), you can bring 3 army units to battle. When you buy a unit with better stats, it replaces one of those battle units.  The difference between the newly purchased unit and the replaced unit is how much your stats will increase.  For example, if you have a unit with 1 attack and 1 defense, and you replace it with a unit that has 1 attack and 2 defense, you will only see your stats increase by 1 defense.


What is the maximum number of buildings of a certain type I can own?

You can only have up to one of each unit building and boost building at one time. You can have two of each money building, and five of each defense building. After you reach the max for a particular building, it is removed as an option from the Store.


How much does it cost to repair one of my buildings?

It doesn't cost anything to repair a building.


What's the maximum level my buildings can reach?

Buildings currently have a maximum level of 10.


What is a defense building?

Defense buildings increase your defense, which corresponds to your ability to fend off an attack made on you. These buildings also raise the defense of buildings within its area of effect.


Where can I place my Water Temple?

The Water Temple needs to be built all on water.


Where can I place my Shipyard?

Shipyards need to be built partially on land and partially in the water.  Please make sure you have one land square and one water square, and then try placing your building on the coast.

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