Crafting FAQs.


How do I craft an item?

New items may be crafted in the Workshop.  Once a Workshop is constructed, click on the building to open your crafting menu.  From there you can craft any items that are unlocked. 


Where do I get a Workshop?

This building may be purchased in the Unit Buildings section of the Store.


What do I need to craft?

Recipes require time, gold and materials in order to craft an item.  You can only craft one item at a time.  Some unique items may require gems in order to craft them.


How do I get materials to craft?

You can get crafting materials as rewards from quests, events, gift packs or crates.


How do I get new recipes?

Recipes are unlocked by player level or by completing a quest or collecting a material associated with that recipe.


What are the different types of recipes?

There are recipes for hero equipment, for consumable items (like an energy potion), for buildings and decorations, and even for currency!


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