Limited-time Quests & Trials FAQs.

Limited-time Quests & Trials FAQs


How do Limited time Quests work?

Limited-time Quests, or LTQs, work the same as regular goals. Players are sent to areas of the map where event targets spawn. There are individual quest chains and guild quest chains. All members of a guild can participate in a guild limited-time quest, or GLTQ.


How do Limited time Trials work?

Trials allow players to start their own 3 day limited time quests at anytime.  Go to your Quest menu and select the Trials tab.  From there you can select the trial difficulty and begin. Trials will have 13 levels of difficulties; they tailor to a player's level and hero strength so any player at any level can start any difficulty and play a quest at their correct level. Prizes are given out based on the difficulty selected and energy spent to finish a 3 day trial. Please Note: Once a Trial has been started there is no way to abort the mission.  It must run the entire 3 days.

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