Updated Mission Rewards!.
Goal Name:   Updated Reward Name:
Defeat the Battle Tank   Tempered APC
Defeat the Aircraft Carrier   Hydrofoil Hunter
Devastator   Jaguar FIghter
Defeat Colonel Mustafa   Flanking Recon
Bomb the Airfield   Anti-Air Battery
Sink the Prototype   Minesweeper Scout
Iron Bear   Ultralite Bomber
Destroy the Heavy Bomber   Gritty Devastator
Defeat Commander Idris   Scout Interceptor
Destroy the Citadel   K-53 Strike Chopper
Defeat Mad Bomber Ali   Contract Forward Assault
Prevent Sub Launch   Muninn Cruiser
Defeat the Commandant   Huginn Artillery
Defeat Wild Basir   Rattlesnake Striker
Is There Anybody in There?   Legionnaire Longshot
Defeat the Greek   Overclocked Shilka
Defeat Commando Leader   INS Superiority
Defeat The Doctor   J20 2.0
Defeat Comrade Yaroshenko   Riot APC
Defeat Cleric Musa   Strike Team Assault
Destroy the Command HQ   The Barge
End En-Joo   Swift Hover Transport
Defeat Guerrilla Leader   Intel Extractor
Detonator Switch   Navy Strike Bomber
Extract the Mole   Blackout Destroyer
Storm Eagle   Desert Digital APC
Bring Down the Brig   HardCorps Marine
Foreman Under Fire   Secondary Line MBT
CommTek Shakedown   Daedalus Gunship
Mindbender Madness   Enhanced Night Fighter
Marine Interceptor   Typhoon MBT
Occult Commander   Launch Point Carrier
Put Down Park   Jian Dogfighter
Iron Wing Take Down   Special Forces Pilot
Divine Wind Demolition   Stealth Heavy Tank
Agent Green   Overpowered Frigate
Ghost Hound Down   Vanguard Captain
Dangerous Minds   Avenger Prototype
Spaced Out   Javelin II Gauss Platform
Defeat Pedro Casimiro   IRBM Light Frigate
Defeat Raul Perez   F16 Cluster Bomber
Defeat Alexander Antoine   Depth Stalker Dragon
Defeat Admiral Philip Eno   Spec Ops Armor Cracker
Catch Khurshid   Hyena Tank Hunter
Sink the Fortress   Fleet Bomber Harrier
Recover the Uranium   Hammerhead Assault Ship
Blast Bahar   LRM Support Chopper
To Catch a Killer   Sentinel Heavy Armor
Quarantine Catherine   SEAL Elite Gunner
Blood for Diamonds   Dragonforge Destroyer
Effort Grounded   Multi-Role Sea Destroyer
No Mercy   Waveworks Operative
Deep Destruction   Blue Death
Extreme Prejudice   Solo Infiltrator
Justice   NextTech Defense Sub
Closing the Chapter   INS Stratus Fighter
Opening Port   Shockwave Flanker
City Liberated   Rear Support Demo
Ambition Kills   Blacklight Destroyer
Final Test   Last Citadel
Shutdown Operation   Heavy Shadow Destroyer
Break Bad   Assassin Marksman
Swift Justice   Buccaneer Prototype


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