Community FAQs.

Community FAQs

How do I find more allies?

You can comment on a rival's wall with your invite code, or find other players on our forums located at:Invite Allies

How can I connect more with the Kingdom Age community? [iOS]

Check us out on Facebook, our Forums and YouTube to stay up to date on all things Kingdom Age!

How do I message another person?

While you are in a player's kingdom, select their profile. Tap on "Comments" -> type a message in the white box -> tap "Post" when finished.

What should I do when being verbally harassed by another player?

Please report this player to us. Send us your friend code, the name of the offending character, and a screenshot.

How do I stop players from leaving comments on my wall?

If you delete two comments from the same person in a row, a prompt will pop up, giving you the option to block that player.

What does blocking a player do?

Blocking a player will prevent them from posting on your wall.

We're here to assist you! Submit a ticket and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.