Conquest of Kings FAQs.

Conquest of Kings


What is the Conquest of Kings Event?

The Conquest of Kings event is a Guild-oriented event where you compete to earn your guild Conquest Points. The members of the guild with the most conquest points will receive great rewards. The guild with the most conquest points at the end of the event will permanently control the region where the event is taking place and will receive a special guild bonus. For more information, please visit our walkthrough.


How do I earn Conquest Points?

Conquest points can be earned only by having your guild engage in battle with another guild. Once a guild has declared war, it will get matched up with another guild and the war will begin. At the end of the war, the side with the most Conquest Points wins. During a war, there are two ways to get Conquest Points: attacking members of the opposing guild and attacking the walls/castle. Players get more Conquest Points by attacking other guild members than by attacking walls but they only get Conquest Points if they win. Players will get fewer Conquest Points if they attack the walls/castle, but they are guaranteed points just by attacking. The Conquest Points players get by attacking a wall or castle are based on the damage they do, which is based on their army attack. Please note that all Conquest Points you earn will be halved as long as the rival guild's wall is still standing.


What are Walls used for?

Guilds will use one wall during every war. While that guild's wall is standing, the opposing guilds will earn half as many Conquest Points. Guilds can spend money and stones to upgrade the walls up to level 10. A wall will be consumed at the end of the war regardless of whether the opposing guild completely destroyed it or not.


What are Castles used for?

The Castle remains for players from the opposing guild to attack after the wall is destroyed. It serves no other purpose.


What is the Guild Guardian and how can I defeat them?

Each guild can set one member as the Guild Guardian. As long as the Guild Guardian remains undefeated and has at least part of their shield up, no other guild members can be attacked during a war. Once the Guild Guardian has been successfully beaten by an attack, the rest of the guild members can be attacked. Guild Guardians have a new resource called "Shield Points." Guild Guardians start out with 100 Shield Points. Each unsuccessful attack against a Guild Guardian drains 10 Shield Points from that guardian. Once the Shield Points reach 0, the Guild Guardian is considered beaten and the remaining guild members can be attacked. The Guild Guardian is chosen by the guild leader.

While the Guild Guardian plays a specific role during Conquest, it is not a separate rank in the guild. The player appointed by the Leader to the role will continue to have the same rank in the guild along with those abilities.

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