Epic Boss & Raid Boss FAQs.

Epic Boss & Raid Boss

What is an Epic Boss?

An Epic Boss is a stronger then average enemy. Once their event is active, they can pop-up after any completed action, from protecting your money to completing a job. Every time you defeat an Epic Boss, you raise its level. The next boss you will face will be stronger and therefore harder to defeat.


What is a Raid Boss?

The Raid Boss works similarly to an Epic boss, in that you use health to defeat one instead of energy or stamina. There are two attacks a player can use to fight the boss: Quick Attack and Force Attack. Quick Attack uses 25 health and does less damage, Force Attack uses 100 health (a full health bar) and does more damage.


How do I summon an Epic Boss?

When this event is active, an epic boss is triggered by basic gameplay actions. Just play the game as you normally would and one will appear.


How do I summon a Raid Boss?

Only guild leaders and officers can summon a raid boss. Summon tokens donated to the guild can be used to summon them. The harder the boss, the more tokens it will take to summon.


How do I get summoning tokens?

Summoning tokens can be gathered as loot drops from completed jobs in areas. They also can be obtained from health refills, or be purchased in bulk for gems.


Why can't I use the tokens in my inventory to summon a Raid Boss?

You must first donate your orbs to your guild. Only orbs in the guild's inventory can be used to summon.


Why didn't I get a reward for the Raid Boss?

To earn loot for defeating a Raid Boss, you must contribute a minimum amount of damage. This amount can be found on the raid boss leaderboard. To see the leaderboard, click the "Leaderboard" button next to a summoned Raid Boss. To see what loot each boss offers, click on "Available Loot" button next to a summoned Raid Boss.


What are orbs and what are they used for?

Orbs are the summoning tokens used to summon a Raid Boss.


Where do I find the Raid Boss section?

You can get to the Raid Boss Screen through the Raid Boss icon in the bottom left of the screen.


Why can't I see the Raid Boss event?

Players must be on version 2.0 of Kingdom Age and iOS 5.0 or higher on their device in order to participate in this event.


Why can't I summon the boss?

Only guild leaders and officers can summon a boss.


Where did the boss go? We didn't defeat it!

Each boss summoned will be available for 2 hours like a normal epic boss. If the boss is not defeated during that time, the boss must be summoned again.


We already defeated the boss at this level. Why is he still available to be summoned?

The same level of the boss can be summoned and defeated multiple times.


I made an attack on the boss and killed it but I didn't get credit?

If two or more players strike the killing blow against the boss at the same time, only one of those blows will kill the boss. The other blows will not cost health to the players that made them.


How long does it take for my health to refill?

It takes 100 minutes for a player's health bar to fully refill.


We defeated the boss but our limited-time guild quest did not complete?

Guild LTQs may have a different time limit than the boss. For example, one of the GLTQs may require that the boss is defeated in 30 minutes rather than the 2 hours that the boss is available. In that hypothetical case, if the guild misses that 30-minute window, they would be able to defeat the boss normally during the 2-hour period but would have to summon the boss again to try again for the GLTQ. The requirement details of the GLTQ will be detailed in the particular quests.

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