Lockbox & Leaderboard FAQs.

Lockbox & Leaderboard Events


How do event lockboxes work?

You can collect event boxes from completing jobs or by attacking other players. These boxes have a chance to open, containing an assortment of rewards. There are three ways you can open this type of box: no cost (low chance to open), using gold (average chance to open), or using gems (guarantees opening). You can attempt to open an event box once an hour, though you can make another attempt for 15 gems.


How do the lockbox odds work?

Once an event box is opened, one of several things will be awarded: money, valor, an extra ally, a unit, or the event token. Regardless of how the box is opened, the reward is randomly chosen; opening a box does not guarantee that the token will be awarded. Each token gained will reduce the chance of getting the next, although this chance never becomes zero or below zero.


Where can I find lockboxes?

Lockboxes will drop as rewards for completing ordinary jobs. They can also be stolen from other players during PVP.  If there is a Boss event running simultaneously, they may also drop as loot from a defeated boss.


How are lockbox events different from leaderboard events?

Lockbox events require you collect 10 of the required token. Leaderboard events do not have a required amount. You just want to collect as many as you can to beat other players to the top of the board.


Why isn’t my rank changing on the leaderboard?

The leaderboard refreshes every 15 minutes from the start of the event to the last hour of the event. In the last hour, the leaderboard freezes on the last updated information. This is because the last hour usually holds so much activity from players working to get as many tokens as possible during the closing minutes of the event that updating the leaderboard with timely information would cause a data inflation on players' devices.

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