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Android Minimum Specification Change Follow

1. What is changing to Modern War and Crime City on Android?

On June 2, 2015, Crime City & Modern War on Android will only support devices on Android 4.0.3 and higher.

2. Why is the minimum Android specification changing?

In order to improve the game experience for all users we need to update the minimum specifications.
3. Who will this affect?

All Modern War and Crime City players on Android versions prior to 4.0.3 will be affected. If possible, we recommend updating your device’s Android Operating System to 4.0.3 or higher.
4. I plan to upgrade my OS and/or device. Will my account still be available?

Your account will remain active and remaining currency will be available on the account. If you plan on upgrading your device please log into Google Play with your current account prior to June 2, 2015.  
5. If I replace my Android device, how do I transfer my game account to the new one?

If you are playing Crime City, please go HERE for the steps to transfer your account.

If you are playing Modern War, please go HERE for the steps to transfer your account.


6. What if I have an existing balance of currency and I cannot update my device?

Players are encouraged to spend their remaining currency balance before the change on June 2, 2015. Any remaining currency left in the game on June 2, 2015 will remain on the account until you return.