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Raid Boss FAQs Follow


With the help of your guild, collect Raid Boss tokens to summon and defeat Raid Bosses and their lackeys for a chance to win epic rewards!

Raid Boss Tokens

Tokens can be collected from defeating enemies roaming the maps before and during the Raid Boss event. Donate collected tokens to your guild through the guild menu or the Raid Boss event screen.

Tokens can also be purchased on the Raid Boss event screen and are automatically donated to your current guild.

Once the event ends, collected tokens are no longer active and will disappear from the guild inventory.


Guild leaders and officers can use donated tokens to summon lackeys and bosses from the Raid Boss event screen. Defeat lackeys in order to unlock increasingly difficult enemies for better loot.


Raid Boss event enemies consist of multiple lackeys and one Raid Boss. Organize your guild to attack enemies once they have been summoned. If an enemy is not defeated within the time limit, they will escape and need to be re-summoned.

Defeated enemies will reward all guild participants with loot items. Loot quality improves based on the number of bullets used per battle.


Once an enemy is summoned, use the FIGHT button to help your guild attack the enemy. On the battle screen you will have three options:

QUICK - this attack cost 1 Bullet and does 1x the player’s attack damage

MEDIUM - this attack cost 3 Bullets and does 3.5x the player’s attack damage

FORCE - this attack cost 6 Bullets and does 7x the player’s attack damage

Raid Boss Ammo

Players start with 6 Bullets and can attack enemies until they run out. Bullets will start to refill for free over time as soon as they have been used.

For players that do not want to wait for ammo to refill over time, players can pay 5 Gold per bullet to refill their ammo at any time by tapping on the revolver cylinder on the battle screen or from the Raid Boss event screen.

Additionally, players can use Raid Boss Ammo Refill items to refill their bullets to 6 at any time (best to use when you are completely out of bullets.)


Players and Guilds have multiple chances to earn reward items by participating in the Riad Boss event including loot drops, goal rewards, and event leaderboards.

Loot Drops

Players that participate in a battle can receive loot items based on the number of attacks they contributed and the minimum number required. Spending more bullets will get players better rewards.

Goal Rewards

With the help of their guild, players can complete quests to receive reward items. Quests can be found in the normal quest log on the hood screen, as well as the Goals tab in the Raid Boss event screen.


Players and Guilds can coordinate their play styles and strategies to try and place on the leaderboards by the end of the event. Leaderboard placement when the event ends determines which rewards players and guilds will receive.

Guild Leaderboards include:

MOST KILLS - based on the total number of all enemies that the guild has defeated

HIGHEST BOSS LEVEL- based on the highest Raid Boss level that has been defeated

Individual Leaderboards include:

MOST DAMAGE - based on the total amount of damage a player has done during the event

TOKENS DONATED - based on the total number of tokens donated by a player