Google Play Game Services (Android) FAQ.
Google Play Game Services (Android)

What is Google Play Game Services?

Play Game Services is Google's social gaming network. PGS enables you to track your rankings on leaderboards, compare your achievements to your friends' and invite friends to play games. If you bind your save game to your google account, you can can access your KnD account from any device you log into.

How do I sign into Google Play Game Services?

PGS can be signed into using your google account such as gmail. If you do not have a Google account please select, "Create New Google Account".

Why sign into Play Game Services with Knights and Dragons?

If you sign into PGS while playing Knights and Dragons, your game save will be connected to your PGS account. This means if you want to play your Knights and Dragons save on another device, all you need to do is sign into PGS on the new device and it will load your Knights and Dragons save data when you launch the game.

What happens if I'm not signed into Play Game Services?

If you have previously signed into your PGS account and played Knights and Dragons, your profile will have been bound to your Google account. This means that your save data will not be accessible while you are not signed into PGS. If Knights and Dragons is launched while not signd in, you will be presented with the login screen or option to start a new game.

Can I use Google Play Game Services if my account is already bound to my device?

Yes you can. The profile that is currently bound to your device will be instead bound to your PGS account. This means that the profile that was previously bound to your device will be accessible only through PGS.

I can't access/log in to my Google Play Game Services account. What should I do?

Please ensure you are connected to the internet. Please also make sure you are using the same Google Account that was previously used the first time you logged into PGS while playing Knights and Dragons.

If you still cannot log-in, please attempt a Password recovery on your Google account. If you are still having issues after going through all previous steps, please submit a support ticket with Google.

My Knights and Dragons profile is missing. Was it deleted?

No, your profile was not deleted. Pairing your Knights and Dragons profile with Game Center will never alter or delete your profile.

In the case that your data may appear to have been erased/lost or is missing, please ensure that:

- You are signed into the correct Google Account in PGS as you cannot load your profile if you are not properly logged into PGS.

- Ensure you have an active connection to the internet.

- Ensure that you have not been signed out of PGS.

If the issue persists, please submit a support ticket and we will do our best to help you.
We're here to assist you! Submit a ticket and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.