Auto Settings FAQ.

What is “Auto”?

  • “Auto” is a new, third setting on the Speed up button in the bottom left corner of combat screens that can be activated after visiting the “Auto Settings” tab. It can be activated by pressing the Speed up button twice, or it can be set to start in “Auto” in the “Auto Settings”.

What are “Auto Settings”?

  • “Auto Settings” can be accessed via the Options button on the Main Menu or via the “Cog” button, in the top right of combat screens. This allows you to choose how you want “Auto” to function in combat.

What do the options do?

Auto use Knight Special Attack

  • When the Special Attack meter is full, the special attack will be automatically triggered.

Auto use Pet Special Ability

  • When the first tier of the Pet Special Ability meter is full, the ability will be automatically triggered.

Start Combat in Auto-Mode

  • Every time you enter combat, “Auto” will be selected by default.

Auto-Advance to Next Wave

  • If fighting in combat that has waves, the next wave will be started as soon as the current one ends.

Auto-Collect Collectibles

  • When fighting in combat where enemies drop collectibles, they will automatically collected at the end of the wave.

Disable Epic Boss Popup

  • Prevents Adventure combat from being interrupted by the Epic Boss being unlocked.

Battle Speed

  • The speed that “Auto” will run at. It can be 1x, 2x or 4x speed.
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