Shadowforged Armor FAQ.

Shadowforged Armor




  • What is Shadowforged armor?
    • Shadowforged is the exciting, new armor rarity your Knights can wear.


  • How do I get Shadowforged armor?
    • Shadowforged armor will often be found as collectible pieces, which are crafting materials that can be brought to your local Armorsmith for assembling.


  • How do I get the Crafting Materials?
    • The materials can be found in some of the Leaderboards and Milestones for various events, as well as they can be collected in some of the Chests.


  • What are Ascension Levels?
    • After enhancing the armor to level 99, you can access Ascension the next time you Enhance the armor. Here, you can use Silver Coins to increase the overall stats of the armor, as well as the ability stats.


  • How can I get Silver coins?
    • Silver coins can be received as prizes in various events.


  • What are Abilities?
    • Abilities are passive bonuses that the Shadowforged armors can utilize in combat. These have a chance of triggering, and the chance increases with every Ascension level.


  • What is "First Strike"?
    • First Strike gives you a chance to attack your opponent before they do at the beginning of each wave. Having more than one First Strike in your combat party increases the number of chances you get to attack your opponent first per wave.


  • What is "Stun"?
    • Stun allows your attack to prevent your opponent from attacking for a turn, opening them up for a followup attack. Stun also comes in two versions: Default, which is effective against any opponent; and Elemental, which is effective only against opponents that have the element that is weak to what you currently have.



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