Dragonforged EU Season System.


What is Dragonforged armor?

Dragonforged are currently the rarest/strongest armors in the European server overtaking the Epic armors and being released according to a season system.

What is the Season System?

The season system is a division of periods within which new Dragonforged Armors as well as the crafting materials to craft one of those armors are released in the game.

What are the crafting materials for Dragongorged?

The first season material/collectible is the “Dragon Coin”. Ten Dragon Coins are needed by your local Armorsmith to craft a Dragonforged Season 1 Armor.

Where do I get the Dragon Coins from?

The crafting materials can be found in the Milestones and Leaderboards of the PVP Tournaments, Guild Wars, Raid Bosses and inside Chance Chests.

Are the crafting materials available only within a certain season?

Once a material has been released it will be always available in the game and the armors can be always crafted in the Armorsmith.

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