Hardcore Boss FAQs.


Hardcore Boss is an event in which you compete against 4 other players in a group. The game will match different members each time to a group everyday. By defeating Hardcore Bosses you can earn 'Damage Points', and the player who has the highest points at the end of each day’s competition wins. By winning the daily competition you can earn 'Daily Points'. You can receive great rewards in accordance with accumulated Daily Points.


What is a Hardcore Boss?

A Hardcore Boss is stronger than your average enemy. Once the event is active, they can pop-up after any completed action, from protecting your gold to completing a quest. Every time you defeat a Hardcore Boss, you raise its level. The next boss you will face will be stronger and therefore harder to defeat.


How do I summon a Hardcore Boss?

When this event is active, a Hardcore Boss is triggered by basic gameplay actions. Just play the game as you normally would and one will appear.


How can I win the daily competition?

Earn as many Damage Points as you can by defeating Hardcore Bosses. The player who has the most points at the end of each day’s competition wins. Members of each group will be automatically shuffled every day, and your Damage Points will reset everyday.

Note: Rankings on daily competition leaderboard will be refreshed at certain intervals.


How can I earn Damage Points?

Damage Points can be earned only by defeating a Hardcore Boss. The more damage you do, the more points you receive. If you could not defeat a Hardcore Boss, Damage Points will not be added even if you started a battle.


How can I earn Daily Points?

Daily Points can be earned by winning a daily competition. Points are distributed depending on each rank.

Rank 1: 10 Points

Rank 2: 5 Points

Rank 3: 3 Points

Rank 4: 1 Point

Rank 5 and below: 0 Point


What results are assessed during the assessing results period?

After each day’s competition ends, there will be 1 hour of time where results are assessed. You can still battle and defeat a Hardcore Boss, but Damage Points will not be added during this time. A new group will be formed and the next daily competition starts after the result is assessed.


What rewards can I earn?

There are 3 reward structures for this event.

Daily Points Reward:

These rewards can be received according to the amount of accumulated Daily Points. You can get all the rewards that are located below your earned points.

Daily Rank Reward:

This is a reward that can be earned by winning a daily competition.

Milestone Reward:

This is a reward according to your defeated count of Hardcore Bosses. It works the same as regular goals. The more bosses you defeat, the more rewards you receive.



VITALITY is needed to attack a Hardcore Boss. It decreases when you get attacked by the Hardcore Boss. VITALITY will replenish every 60 seconds, or you can fully recover immediately using gems for a SOUL FLASK.


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