Valor and Vengeance Event FAQ.

What is Valor and Vengeance?

Valor and Vengeance is a brand new PvP event. The result of battle is purely determined by your Valor Weapon stats.

Use your Valor Weapon against other players, build up your Chain Bonus and earn Valor Points!


How do I participate?

Click on the Valor and Vengeance HUD icon to open the event’s interface.


What is a Valor Weapon?

A Valor Weapon is the item you use in the PvP battle for this event.

Your Valor weapon stats will grow automatically based on the amount of Valor Points you collect during the event.

You will receive the Valor Weapon with the same stats as a reward at the end of event.


What is First Strike?

You use First Strike against players you have not fought against or players who you have not yet defeated during the event.

First Strike uses 5 stamina. 


What is Vengeance?

Vengeance is the method of attack you use when a player has defeated you.

When a Vengeance is successful, your opponent must be successful in their Vengeance in order for you to perform the Vengeance Attack again.

Vengeance uses 5 stamina.


What is Guild Vengeance?

Guild Vengeance is when you perform an attack on behalf of another Guild member.

If you succeed, you and your Guild member both will receive Valor points.  


What are Bonus Items?

Bonus Items are items that will influence your result in PvP.

There are three types of Bonus Items. Attack, Defense and Special. You can equip a maximum of two of each.

Bonus Items consist of time based and amount of times you can use the item.

Bonus items can be purchased from the store during the event. 


How do Hero Equip affect this event?

Accomplices give bonuses to Valor Weapon attack and defense stats.

The stronger your Hero Equip, the higher the bonus that will be  applied to your Valor Weapon.


How do I get Hero Equip?

Hero Equip will be event rewards in a variety of events throughout the game.


Can I still participate in this event even though I am not involved in a Guild?

Yes you can.

You just will not be able to use the Guild Vengeance attack.


What happens if I leave my Guild during the event?

If you leave your Guild during the event, you will not be able to perform the Guild Vengeance Attack and the list in the Guild Vengeance tab will not display any players.

Besides from the above you can participate in the event. 


I'm successful with the Chain Bonus but the number does not increase. Why is this?

There is a limit to the Chain Bonus.

The max Chain Bonus is capped at 20. 


When I bought a Bonus item from the store, the one I already had set was overwritten. Is this normal?

Yes it is.

If you purchase an item when all your slots are filled will overwrite the ones you have already set. 


I lost to a player when I performed First Strike but the player did not show up on the Vengeance list. Why is that?

If you lose when performing First Attack, your opponent will not be displayed in the Vengeance list.

If you want to fight the same opponent, choose the player from the First Attack list.


Is there a limit to how many different Chain Bonuses I can gain with different people?

No. There is no limit to the amount of different Chain Bonuses that can be started with other players.

Fight as many players as you can! 


What if I can’t attack anyone in the Rivals List?

Refresh the list to have it populated with a new set of Rivals. If the list doesn’t refresh, be sure you’re connected to the game with a stable internet connection.


What is a Skill Sheet?

The Skill Sheet is a consumable item that allows the player to reset and reallocate their Skill Points in their Player Profile.


What if I don’t see the HUD icon?

Make sure the device you are attempting to play on is updated to the client version that supports the Valor and Vengeance feature.


Do I have to participate in Valor and Vengeance?

No, this is a purely opt-in limited time event.

We're here to assist you! Submit a ticket and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.