DragonVale Crashes When Viewing The Social Menu.

My game crashes whenever I try to open the Social or Gifts menus!

Crashing when attempting to access the Social or Gifts menus is most often caused by a lack of available memory (RAM). This often happens when you have a very large number of gifts stored in your Gifts menu. Storing this gift information may require more memory than your device has available, which can cause the game to crash.

To avoid this, please try to keep your gifts and twins collected and cleared as frequently as possible. You can hatch your twin eggs by tapping the "Collect" button, or, if it is a twin you know you do not want, you can simply remove it from your Gifts menu by tapping the "Clear" button. 


My game crashes when I try to breed with friends in the Cooperative Breeding Cave!

DragonVale is a complex game and requires a large amount of memory. When device memory (RAM) is limited, displaying your friends list may require more RAM than your device has available. Unfortunately, the more friends you have, the more memory is required to display their information, profile pictures, etc. 

If your game crashes when you try to view your friends' dragons in the Cooperative Breeding Cave, you may need to remove some Game Center or Facebook friends, especially those who are no longer active. 


How to remove a Game Center friend

Please note: Removing individual Game Center friends is only possible on iOS 9 and below. 

To remove Game Center friends, open the Game Center app, tap on "friends" at the bottom, and select the friend you want to remove in the list on the left. Once you have selected the friend you wish to remove, tap the menu button in the upper right of the screen (the 3 little dots), and select "remove friend".


How to remove a Facebook friend

To remove a Facebook friend, you need to unfriend them on Facebook itself. To do this, visit your friends list on Facebook and find the friend you wish to remove. Click or tap the "Friends" button next to their name and select "Unfriend". 

We're here to assist you! Submit a ticket and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.