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The Return of Whitbee's Candy Bash (Ended Event) Follow


Welcome to the Return of Whitbee's Candy Bash!

Hello ghouls and girls! Whitbee’s Candy Bash has returned and we’re here to help you get the most out of it! As always, you can email our Customer Service team at dragonvale@decagames.com for additional information.




Getting Started
Why hasn't The Return of Whitbee's Candy Bash begun in my park yet?
Your park level must be at least level 11 to begin this event.

You might be playing on an older version of DragonVale, please update to the most recent version through the App Store, Google Play, or Amazon Marketplace. (The correct version for the event is 3.3.0)


I missed the help menus / event tutorials, what should I do?
If you select the Prize Pumpkin, then tap Help, you can view all the information on the event.


When does The Return of Whitbee's Candy Bash end?
Whitbee’s Candy Bash will last through November 8th. You can always check the timer in the Prize Pumpkin to see how much time is remaining.
Collecting Candy
To earn amazing event prizes you’ll have to collect candy from various activities. How do you earn candy, you ask?


Earning Candy
  • Collecting cash from habitats
  • Breeding Dragons
  • Clearing bushes and trees from new islands
  • Playing games!
  • Collectable Jack-O-Lanterns
  • There will be different types of Jack-O-Lanterns scattered about in your park that you can tap to earn Candies.
  • During Whitbee's Candy Bash, your park's visitors will don costumes and become mummies, wolves, witches, etc. (these visitors are dressed up for fun and your entertainment, they are not tappable)


Purchasing Candy
  • Candy can also be purchased through the Market


*Please note that only so much candy is available to collect each day. Once you hit your maximum you can check the Prize Pumpkin to see how long until more candy is obtainable.


Earning Candy   Jackolantern_well lit
Why aren’t I earning any candy?
There is a limit on how much candy you can collect each day.


When does my Candy reset?
To check how long until you can collect candy again you can visit the Prize Pumpkin.


What is the daily limit of Candy?
Candy is normally limited to 1000 per day, but be on the lookout for special occasions where there is more magic candy available! 


Why is there a daily collection limit on Candy during the Bash?
The Candy is magic and recreated every day at the same time, but the magic only allows for a finite amount.


Will there be opportunities to earn bonus Candy?
At random times throughout the Bash players can earn more Candy than normal. Stay tuned to our Facebook community to learn when the Wizards and Witches are feeling generous! www.facebook.com/dragonvale
Activities & Games
Whitbee's Spooky Island is a hub of activity where you can play games and purchase prizes from the Prize Pumpkin.


The Competition Ring
Are your dragons looking for a challenge? Visit The Competition Ring and test your dragons with different elementally themed quests!
  • Challenges take 2 hours to complete.

  • Your dragons may complete up to 5 challenges per day.

Tree of Trials
  • The Tree of Trials contains two different games of chance and knowledge!
  • Wheel-of-Chance - Spin to win a prize, based on where the needle lands
  • Name That Dragon - You will be presented with a dragon silhouette. Choose the correct dragon to win a prize!
  • You have unlimited time to make a choice.
  • Choosing correctly awards 15 Candy and reveals the dragon.
  • Choosing incorrectly awards one (1) Candy, reveals the dragon, and displays the correct answer.


Competition Ring   Tree of Trials Games 


Why can't I play any more games today / When can I play games again?
These games can be played up to 10 times daily, combined between both games. You can visit the Games Tent to check the time until games can be played again!


What happens to my winnings from Name That Dragon or The Wheel of Chance if I’ve already hit my Candy limit for the day?
Once you hit your daily collection limit any winnings from games played thereafter will be added to your gifts list. You may collect these at a later date, but keep in mind accepting these gifts count toward your daily collection limit.


The End of Whitbee's Candy Bash
The Return of Whitbee’s Candy Bash will last through November 8th, but the Prize Pumpkin will remain open for a brief time. This will give you the opportunity to turn in any leftover candy for prizes.


What happens to my leftover Candy at the end of the Whitbee’s Candy Bash?
Good question. In the past, because the prizes were achieved in a straight line, it was easy to know how much a player had earned towards the next reward and make that choice for you. This time, since players have the choice to get whatever they want, whenever they want, we had to make some interesting decisions about the end of the event. Should we just pick some prizes and spend your Candy for you? Should we just tell you the event is over, tough cookies, and your Candy vanishes? Those felt like bad answers, so we decided to leave the Prize Pumpkin open an extra week, even though the event is over.

So the short answer is, nothing happens to your leftover Candy for ONE WEEK. You can still hop in the game, access the Prize Pumpkin and spend your Candy however you'd like. At the END of that extra week, we'll turn your Candy into treats and place them in your gifts.


Why can I still buy Candy but not earn them?
Based on our decision to leave the Prize Pumpkin open an extra week we had a discussion that was essentially, "What if I'm really close to getting the Lycan Dragon?  What do I do?" - which is a good question. What can we do for players who were close to achieving their goal, but were maybe on vacation when the event ended? Based on a small percentage of users who might want to reach for some items them missed, we decided to keep the Candy Market open.


Why not just make the event longer and let us earn Candy the whole time?
Then we end up at square one, which is "what do we do at the last moment when people haven't spent their Candy?"


We appreciate you stopping by our event FAQ for more information. If you have further questions, please leave a comment on our Facebook page or send us an email: dragonvale@decagames.com