Redeeming a Wish.

Earning a Wish


Wishes can be earned from daily rewards just by logging into DragonVale as you normally would. Every 100 days you log into DragonVale you will receive a free Wish that you can use to claim almost any item ever released in DragonVale! 


Claiming a Wish


Wishes can be claimed at the Wishing Well. If you already have the Wishing Well from a previous event or daily reward, you can claim your new Wish by finding the Wishing Well in your park, tapping it, then tapping the "Claim Wish" icon at the bottom of the screen. You will then be taken to the special Wish Market where you can redeem your Wish. Your selection is final, so please choose wisely!


If you are earning a Wish for the very first time, you will receive the Wishing Well along with your Wish. Once you place the Wishing Well in your park you can tap it to claim your Wish. If you do not place the Wishing Well in your park when initially prompted, it will be placed into your gifts menu so you can collect and place it at your convenience. 

Wishes will not expire once earned, so you can save up as many as you like until you decide on just the right thing to use them on. 

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