Protecting Your Data in DragonVale.

Hello Park-itects, and DragonVale faithful! Every day we receive support tickets from players who believe they have lost their parks. This is completely preventable and often requires just logging back in to Facebook, Game Center, Google!

This support article will focus on how to prevent data loss, and should you choose to continue playing locally, what steps you can take to help us find your park if it’s ever lost.  

We understand that this is a very comprehensive article (read; long), it’s a lot to digest! If you have questions please contact us at


Main Ideas:

- Associate your parks to Facebook, Game Center, or Google to prevent data loss.

- If you play locally, SAVE YOUR PARK ID in a safe place! We may be able to locate your park with your park id.

- Understand COPPA regulations if your children are under 13 and play DragonVale.

- If you lose your park, CONTACT US BEFORE YOU UNINSTALL!


First, the basics.

DragonVale is playable on three different platforms - Android, Kindle, and iOS. Each of these platforms can use different services to save your park to our servers. Android uses your Facebook or Google account information, Kindle uses your Facebook account, and iOS uses Apple’s Game Center platform in addition to Facebook and Google.


How does it all work?

At first every park begins as a local park, with a unique a “Local Park ID.” When your park is associated to Game Center, Google, or Facebook it is automatically saved on our servers with your Game Center, Gmail address, or Facebook account name.

Linking your park data to Game Center will allow you to transfer your park to any iOS device. Connecting your park to Facebook or Google will allow you to transfer to any iOS device, as well as any Android/Kindle device.


Why do we need to associate our parks at all then?

PLAYING LOCALLY IS RISKY! If you are playing locally, and uninstall DragonVale, your park will be wiped from your device. Your park data, however, has still registered on our servers, but without the original Park ID we have no way of finding your data amongst the millions of other parks on our servers.

If you choose to play locally be prepared for the possibility that you will lose your data! We STRONGLY recommend that you write down your Park ID from the Options menu, double check it, and be prepared to email us ( if you ever lose your park. With an accurate Park ID we can often find your lost data and help you recover it.

Park ID format is as follows; 8-4-4-4-12

Example Park ID:  42338c97-8b4f-426a-8f32-43bcf9efbb01


Why did DragonVale ask for my birthday?

DECA Games has introduced an age verification step to DragonVale in order to comply with changes to the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA). This affects access to social features for children under the age of 16.

Children under the age of 16 can still play the game, but will not have access to social features such as Facebook. The way we track usage and gameplay information has also changed for children under the age of 16 in compliance with COPPA. More information can be found in our Privacy Policy.

If you accidentally entered the incorrect date of birth when initially prompted, please send us an email at




We're here to assist you! Submit a ticket and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.