Update 4.5.0.

The Fall Update Is Here!


The universe of Gods&Glory is growing richer with a new event that’s available only on specific dates and features an Oracle visiting your city! This stranger is veiled in mystery, but seems willing to share his treasures with you if good fortune is on your side.

  • You can navigate to the Pavilion by tapping the relevant button when viewing the city.
  • Here’s the gist: you need to flip two cards—if they both show the same prize when turned, you’ll get the reward.
  • If you don’t win, feel free to try again! You can flip the first two cards for free, while subsequent cards can be flipped using Fortune Teller Coins and crystals. Any cards you’ve previously turned can be flipped again for free.
  • You can also reset the entire deck and start afresh. Keep in mind that reshuffling the deck won’t change the main prize, but the other potential rewards may change.


Your Citadel Statistics screen has been overhauled—now you can view all currently active bonuses for your city:

  • Bonuses are now sorted into categories: combat, resources, crafting, etc.
  • Each tab shows the respective bonuses that are currently active.
  • The remaining time of temporary bonuses is displayed in the more readable h:m:s format.


In response to player requests, we’ve reintroduced the special quests. They will now be available as a part of custom special events, on specific dates.

We’re also updating the rewards system for special quests—you’ll now be able to obtain the contents of each unlocked chest instantly, as with daily events.


This newly introduced statue will make hunting monsters easier. While active in your city, it reduces the Energy cost to attack monsters at every rarity level. At the Rare level, it also increases Energy restoration speed. The Legendary Statue of the Hunt will also increase your maximum Energy!


That sweet taste of victory! If your alliance emerges victorious from a territory war, your Lord can share this success in the global chat. Let’s get flexing!

The victory message can be shared in the global chat only once. 


  • You can now view all events included in an activity or competition by navigating to the Tournament tab, as well as check the time remaining until they start.
  • The Alliance University now allows you to view the duration of researching locked tech, even if you’re currently researching different tech.
  • A new research tree—Development—has been added to the University to help you grow your city even faster!

See you on the fields of Gods&Glory!

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