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Check out the latest update for Gods&Glory!


Take your Generals to the next level with the help of new researchable technology in your University! You can improve your battle commanders in a variety of ways, like reducing the number of Seals of Strengths required to advance to the next level or increase their boosts to army capacity. Apart from that, you’ll be able to find various tech to boost their base stats, such as speed, attack, or defense.


Alliances can now earn new special points for research conducted in the Alliance University.

The Alliance Development score is very similar to Power, though while Power reflects your individual prowess, Alliance Development reflects that of your alliance. All members contribute to the Alliance Development score, so make sure to do your part!

You can find your Alliance Development score and learn more about it under the “Alliance” and “Other” tabs. All previous research conducted by your alliance will contribute to the new Alliance Development score.


In response to player requests, we’re adding a new tab to the Alliance University that allows members to access the logs for all resources, accelerations, and tablets contributed or spent on Alliance Research.

You can find it by tapping “Statistics” in your Alliance University, and then check the contribution by each member (with data for their entire time within that alliance), as well as track all alliance accelerations used for each separate item of research.

Apart from that, the research tab now shows the name of the player who launched that research.


Your Bank is now offering gifts!

Check in daily to grab your free gift: navigate to “Purchases” and claim the chest. After you redeem your gift, you'll be able to see the time until your next free chest is available!


In response to player requests, we’ve reworked the animations for collecting items from material chests, Spheres of Summoning, Mysterious Runes, and similar containers.

From now on, you'll be able to see the summary of all items on screen at once, making it easier to see the bigger picture of what you’re getting!


You can now quickly jump to check all upgradable items from the Hero or Generals equipment tabs. Each of the eligible items will have the new “Upgrade” button that will take you to the enchanting, enhancing, or gem-fitting tabs in the Forge.

If the item is upgraded to the max, the button will be unavailable.


Next, we have two minor, but helpful changes coming to monster hunting:

First, you're now able to choose the desired level of monsters or treasures. This will help you find the required level of instruments more quickly.

Second, we’re introducing push-notifications for your treasure excavation projects. This will enable you to react in a timely manner if your treasure excavation army is attacked.


• Alliance accelerations can now be mass-used in the Alliance University, similar to your individual accelerations.
• When selecting units for a new march, you can quickly change your mount with the help of a button.
• When an alliance member gets Glory Pass access, their alliance will receive a notification in the alliance chat. Players can hide their names in that notification message via the Settings.
• We've added a handy feature to send mass stickers to several alliance members at once.

See you on the fields of Gods&Glory!