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Satyr Hunter is a Ranged class general, excelling in the rear line. Strong against Satyrs and silencing spells.



Vigilance — At the start of the battle, grants stun and sleep immunity to a random allied squad.

Extermination — Grants a 20% chance to shoot arrows at two random enemy units. If the enemy army has Satyrs in it, the Satyr Hunter shoots arrows at three random enemy units.

Fury of the Hunter — At the start of the battle, increases army morale by 80, if there are Satyrs in the enemy army.

Spirit of the Hunter — At the start of the battle, protects the rear line against Silence. Satyr Hunter also becomes immune to Silence if he's deployed to the rear line.

Hunter's Mark — Grants a 15% chance to mark 2 random enemy units, reducing their defense by 10%.

Arrow Shower — Grants a 25% chance to shoot an arrow at each opponent, dealing 60% of the basic attack damage.


Keep in mind that these abilities can be further improved with Seals of Strength!