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The Wolf Guard is a Fighter class general, excelling as a damage dealer with higher sustain in the front line.



Double Blades — Allows you to wield weapons with two hands. The second (off-hand) weapon receives a 30% attack penalty.

Blades of Fury — Grants a 50% chance to increase attack damage by 50% for 3 turns. 

Bleeding — Causes its target to bleed for 40% of basic attack damage for 1 turn.

Regeneration — Restores 10% of hit points at the start of every turn.

Counterstrike — Grants a 5% chance to block the attack and deal 100% basic attack damage back to the attacker.

Ghost Wolves — Grants a 25% chance to summon the Ghost Wolves to attack 3 random enemy squads, dealing 80% of the basic attack damage.


Keep in mind that these abilities can be further improved with Seals of Strength!