What can I use crystals for?.

Aside from general resources, all players have a precious currency called crystals. You can use red crystals to purchase goods from game Store, which can be used for your personal convenience. Crystals can also be used to restore your troops or instantly complete the construction or research.

Crystals can be obtained by:

  • Making purchases for real money in the Bank.
  • Claiming first place in game events.
  • PvE: by attacking special watches called mines.
  • Earning achievements.
  • Completing certain quests.
  • As a gift when the members of players’ Alliance make purchases in the Bank.
  • Completing a number of edicts.
  • Inviting a friend.
  • When the invited friend reaches a certain level of progression.
  • Sharing earned achievements, such as unlocking a new unit.
  • Receiving as a reward when players’ Alliance reaches a new level.

Celestial crystals

Blue (Celestial) crystals can be used in the same way as red ones, and the main difference is that blue crystals can be transferred to another player. To transfer Celestial crystals, your hero must be not less than level 40. To send crystals, you can use user profile page, chat windows or alliance members list. Using blue crystals is possible only when you run out of red crystals.

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