Global map: How can I move around the map? What is a "camp"?.

Any player can send a march to any unoccupied spot on the map. To do that, the player will need a Hero or a General. Any player can send a limited number of marches. That number depends on how developed the Tavern is.

Marches include:

  • Any army moving to some unoccupied spot on the map where it will set up camp on arrival
  • An army heading to a garrison's Guard Tower
  • A spy (moves much faster than the other marches)

Camps and Guard Towers continue to occupy the march.

A march moves with varying speed across various tiles. Marches are displayed as chips in the form of mounts (horses, wolves, elephants, etc.). The player can tell whom a march belongs to by checking flag color.

  • Blue stands for the player's march.
  • Green stands for a march of an ally
  • Gray stands for a march of another player heading to any destination
  • Red stands for a march of another player heading to a destination dangerously close to the player's City

You can change the march speed in advance or when the march is in progress. To increase the movement speed in advance, you can:

  • Conduct the respective research on the Marches tab at the University
  • Win, buy, or otherwise acquire a permanent mount that can grant various bonuses to movement speed across various types of terrain
  • Win, buy, or otherwise acquire a temporary mount that can grant similar bonuses but is only available for a limited period

To increase the speed of a march in progress, the player can use one of the three disposable items:

  1. Fast horses increase speed by 10%
  2. Winged horses increase speed by 25%
  3. Divine horses increase speed by 50%
  4. Instant march completion item sends the player directly to destination

The player can use those disposable items on a certain march an unlimited number of times.

When a march reaches the destination tile, it sets up camp there. The camp is shown as a ship on the water or as a military encampment on the land.

Like a City, a camp has a small area of influence of its own that does not infringe upon other areas of influence but simply intersects with them. A camp can be located in someone else's area of influence.

Camps can have:

  • Shield (activates automatically if the march came from a City or initiated by the player by using a disposable item)
  • Disguise (as in the case of a City, the army cannot be seen)

After leaving the City for the first time, the march-turned-camp is covered by a Shield for 15 minutes. When attacking an opponent in the PvP mode, the Shield disappears.

Like Cities, camps can be attacked. However, that requires a special disposable item called the Banner.

Also, when the march reaches the final destination and sets up camp, you can continue the journey by using a Compass. Yet the 15-minute Shield will not be renewed when the march arrives to a new destination. Only the one previously activated will remain.

You can return the camp to the City. In that case, the march will head back. A march in progress can be sent to the City too, but that requires a special disposable item.

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