Global map: What are these hexes? What is a terrain type?.

The map consists of hexagonal tiles. The current map size for all servers is 1000x1000 tiles. Each tile can have a certain type of terrain:

  • Grass
  • Snow
  • Sand
  • Shallow water
  • Deep water

Movement speed across terrain types may differ, while various mounts can boost your movement speed across those. The map contains hills, woods, rivers, and mountains, but their function is purely decorative.

A tile is a functional element. If a tile is not occupied by a City, camp or other object, you can still interact with it:

  • Send a march there.
  • Teleport a city.
  • Share the tile's coordinates with the alliance.
  • Bookmark the tile to eliminate the need to look for it later.

You can navigate on the map by using coordinates. Each tile is assigned unique coordinates displayed as x/y.

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