Subscriptions: What subscriptions are present in G&G? How do I manage them?.

Subscription is a service which allows access to the certain unactivated data and commands (content and bonuses) until the subscription runs out.



Unlike purchases in the bank, payments for subscriptions on iOS and Android will be deducted monthly until you unsubscribe. 

Gods&Glory has two types of subscription.  


Sovereign (individual subscription)

  • Permanent "City of Kings" city skin
  • Permanent "Royal Gryphon” Mount with 5 Amulet Slots
  • + 100% to amount of experience earned in battle

  • +3 to number of help requests at the Port

  • +1 tablet obtained in the Port

  • +2 additional lockpick among daily prizes

  • +2 extra free turnover of a Fortune card

  • +100 extra VIP points for daily logins

  • VIP points are not reset when a day is skipped
  • +2 to max number of marches
  • +35% to unit recruitment speed
  • +200% battle animation speed up
  • House’s capacity +15%
  • Legendary mystery rune x1

  • Rare mystery rune x5

  • Common mysterious runes х15

  • 500 000 experience points x2

  • Divine Shield for 8h. x3 

  • Disguise for 8h. x3

  • March acceleration +80% for 1h. x3

  • Potion of Attack +80% for 1h х2

  • Potion of Defense +80% for 1h х2

  • New Personal Edicts х5

  • Celestial Aether

  • Valor Production +50% for 30d

  • Stardust Production +30% for 30d.


Alliance support (alliance subscription)

  • Unique items in the alliance's store every 7 days

  • +5% to construction speed and structure upgrade speed

  • +5% to research speed in University

  • +10% to recruitment speed

  • +10% to item crafting speed

  • +50% to bonus alliance points for purchases, ships sent and prayers

  • -25% to resource transfer tax in the Embassy

  • +1000% to Watchtower influence points

  • Acceleration: 3h

  • Acceleration: 1min x30

  • March acceleration +50% x3

  • Acceleration: 30min

  • Rare Material Chest x2

  • Camp Radius x2

  • Potion of Defense +10% for 1h

  • Banner x2

  • Disguise for 3h x2

  • Stardust production +30% for 8h

  • 50 000 experience points x10

  • 5 000 valor points x2

  • Stickers х10


To cancel your subscription on iOS, please follow the following manual: Support Apple

To cancel your subscription on Android, please follow the following manual: Support Google

We're here to assist you! Submit a ticket and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.