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Update 3.11.10 Follow


You will now be able to progress through 7-day streaks, receiving boosts and valuable items all along the way, with increased payouts upon reaching important milestones.


As more and more players begin to reach higher levels with their generals, gearing them up and continuously upgrading their equipment becomes an apparent problem. To address this and make crafting more viable and appealing to our middle-level players, this update will introduce reverse material synthesis.

You will be able to ‘break apart’ or downgrade these materials from Legendary to Epic, Epic to Rare, and Rare to Ordinary respectively.


  • When choosing to synthesize instruments, the slider is always set to the max available value.
  • Viewing an item in the Forge now shows how many of this item you have in your storage.
  • Auto-disguise enabled during the “Time of War” event no longer conceals the player’s city coordinates, only their army and layout. Regular disguise conceals both • the player’s army and city coordinates.
  • Several scrolling issues across the game have been resolved.