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Update 3.12.0 Follow


We’ve tweaked the Crafting research tree in the University:

  • Alchemy Mastery research has been introduced, allowing you to reduce the costs of reverse-synthesizing materials.
  • The research tree (order of technologies) has been slightly rearranged in general.


You are now able to see the total number of accelerations available when viewing your construction, research, and recruitment queues, as well as while browsing the Store.


The gem management tab in the Forge has been thoroughly overhauled, making it easier to use overall. Several key buttons have been changed or replaced entirely. You can now find, insert, and extract the necessary gems, while also browsing items that have been enhanced with gems thanks to a clearly visible icon next to each piece of equipment.


You can now find directional buttons that help you navigate to the objective more quickly. For example, Blacksmithing will allow you to go to the Forge instantly, while The Trade Mission will take you to the Port. Clicking the same button in The Time of War will open up the tab with recommended PvP targets.


  • Tapping an outpost allows you to see the composition of its defending army; you can now see the unit class in the top right of each unit icon as well (Fighters, Mages, Ranged Units, etc.).
  • Edict tracking has been removed from the city menu, freeing up that space in the interface. You can still find each active Edict being completed in the appropriate tab when viewing your city (bottom of the screen).
  • A new Expedition difficulty level has been introduced.