Update 4.0.1.


Seasons is a brand new activity that will challenge players to progress through seasonal missions and objectives earning plentiful rewards.

Aiming to get more? Upgrade to the GLORY PASS to receive even more outstanding rewards, including some EXCLUSIVE items that can only be obtained within these Seasons!

Seasons will be enabled for all players upon reaching a certain Citadel level. Join to enjoy a fresh experience in Gods&Glory!


Wings now grant their full capacity bonuses on the Wall as well, increasing the number of units you can field, provided that your warlord or general is deployed to the Wall with Wings equipped.


Player-requested: Battle cards in the Hall of Defeats now show if your rival has their Divine Shield enabled.


Continuing to improve the player experience with accelerations, we’ve introduced the following tweaks:

• Bundles and rewards containing accelerations now display their total time for ease of use.
• Player-requested: Multiple accelerations can now be used at once.


Looking to express yourself? Check out the upcoming Emotions that can be used directly in any chat!

Emotion packs can be earned as a reward, or obtained in the special store. To kick it off, we’re introducing two Emotion packs with this very update!


We’ve introduced several quality-of-life changes to various interface elements and menus in the game:

• Disbanding an alliance now requires the player to confirm their action and provides more accurate detail on the consequences.
• Alliance leaderboards now also display the players that aren’t participating in the event.
• Forge Storage now displays additional information about the item, including their specs and bonuses.
• When an upgrade is available, the Port and Watchtower now display an anchor or lantern icon respectively instead of a green arrow.
• Player-requested: Attempting to send an improved item in the Port now brings up a more elaborate warning, containing relevant information about the item being sent. This should help prevent accidental loss of items.


• Instrument chests are now instantly opened on pickup.
• VIP status can now be extended before it expires.
• Number of points earned for sending each individual ship in the Port has been reduced due to the recent changes in resources required to send a ship.

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